Benefits as sugar substitute

Cyclamate is an intense sweetener that is beneficial to those seeking to control or lose weight, manage diabetes, or help prevent tooth decay. It is a safe and economical sugar substitute that helps consumers balance calories and maintain an overall healthier lifestyle, as well as assisting those managing diabetes.

Some of the advantages of using cyclamate include:

Cyclamate offers great taste.
Cyclamate is about 30 to 40 times sweeter than table sugar. Cyclamate provides an excellent taste and also has the ability to enhance flavors. Also, cyclamate is sometimes used as a flavoring agent for many toothpastes, mouthwashes and pharmaceutical preparations, such as to mask the taste of unpleasant-tasting drugs.

Cyclamate is stable and soluble.
Because cyclamate is highly soluble in water and heat stable, as an artificial sweetener it can be used in cooking and baking and is ideal for most food formulations. It has a long shelf life and can also be used in products that are pasteurized.

Cyclamate can help with weight management.
Cyclamate is calorie-free, making it a helpful alternative low calorie sweetener for people trying to reduce their sugar or calorie intake. Many diet or light products including soft drinks, candies, dairy and baked goods are sweetened with cyclamate.

Cyclamate is synergistic.
When combined with other low-calorie sweeteners, cyclamate enhances the overall sweet taste and reduces the total amount of sweetener needed to obtain a desired level of sweetness. This unique synergistic property makes cyclamate an excellent complement to other low calorie sweeteners including saccharin, aspartame, table sugar, acesulfame K and stevia. For example, a blend of 5 mg saccharin and 50 mg cyclamate provides the same sweetness as either 125 mg of cyclamate or 12.5 mg of saccharin if used separately.

Cyclamate does not promote tooth decay.
Because it is non-caloric, cyclamate is not a food source by oral bacteria that cause dental problems.

Cyclamate is helpful for those managing diabetes.
Cyclamate allows those managing diabetes to satisfy their taste for sweets without affecting blood sugar, which gives them flexibility in meal planning with the resulting variety of diabetic foods available.

Cyclamate is economical.
Cyclamate is less expensive than other sweeteners, including sugar.


Cyclamate offers great taste and body. Cyclamate is stable and soluble.

Cyclamates as sugar substitute